How do I record a replay of my game?

Sign up for! It will automatically save a copy of your replays, and I can access them from your profile on their site.

How soon will I get my analysis back?

I’ll work hard to get it done and uploaded within a week. I’ll always let you know ahead of time if something comes up that prevents me from doing so.

Early Game Coaching – Free!

The early game is foundational to your success as a player, and it’s where most low level players have the biggest areas for potential improvement. I will go over the first 10-15 minutes of one of your recent games, analyzing your play and giving you concrete tips and suggestions for improvement.

If you find it valuable, consider tipping your coach!

Full Game Review – $20 per game

If you’d like me to look at a full length game, I can make that happen! I’ll go over early game (lane phase, early jungle clears, etc.), mid game (roaming, objective control, skirmishes, etc.), and late game (teamfights, seiging, split pushing, etc). I’ll also take a look at your player profile on OP.GG and go over runes, masteries, champion pool, and other general tips.

Plus, purchasing this level of coaching includes a friend invite from me if you’re on the NA server! You can ask me questions about the game anytime and I’ll answer when I’m online!

How to sign up

Use the form below to sign up for coaching. Just choose the coaching option you wan from the drop down! If you are signing up for a Full Game Review, I’ll send you an invoice via Paypal for $20, and I’ll get to work on your game as soon as payment is received!

Please note that coaching is limited to one per student, per week. You are welcome to request that I look at a specific game, but I can’t guarantee that’s the one I’ll go with (replay might not work, better teaching opportunities in another game, etc.)


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Why choose Duality Games for coaching? Check out some of our student feedback and see for yourself!

I love the mind set that Z has for teaching and the way he analyzes games. Very chill and very deep. Recommended 100%.

This coach has vast game knowledge pertaining to the big picture of the game and how your lead/loss in your role interacts with how the game goes and the direction it takes…looking forward to receiving more lessons.

So holy cow, I watched your video last night and it turned completely around [my Jayce play].
-Captain Khorisma

Very courteous and very knowledgeable. I loved the film review and the runes and masteries explanation…I feel like if I apply these things to my games, I will come out a much better player.