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About Duality Games
Duality Games was founded in 2008 primarily as a gaming reviews site. It ran continuously for three years, publishing game reviews, industry news, and editorial pieces.
In 2015, Duality Games was relaunched with an expanded focus – eSports content and coaching in addition to the original publishing portfolio.
About Hideous Z
Hideous Z, aka Jerod Jarvis, hails from Spokane, Washington, where he lives with his wife, Amanda. A love for coaching, gaming, and writing led to the creation of Duality Games as a side project in college.
When he’s not working on Duality Games, Jerod works as Marketing Manager at Norlift, Inc, attends Spokane Valley Bible Church, and plays with his dog, Tibbers, and mini-pig, Moo.

Hideous Z WPHideous Z has been playing League since Sona was released in 2010. Playing only casually at first, he began to seriously pursue mastery of the game in 2014, and began coaching in 2015. With over 3,000 hours in the game total, including over 1,500 games on Quinn alone, Hideous Z has put an immense amount of time into studying and playing the game, and has a unique talent for breaking down what he knows into easy-to-understand lessons for his students.

Zipplebacks are solitary, preferring to hunt alone. They come out after sundown, prowling dark forests for victims. The attack of a Zippleback is like no other. Instead of breathing fire, a Zippleback makes explosions. One head breathes gas, and the other head lights it.