Mundo v. Garen Top, Silver 3

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Apologies for poor audio quality. Below are the notes I took for this lesson – if you can’t make out what I’m saying, check out the notes for that timestamp (note that the timestamps refer to in game time, and I refer to more in my notes than actually made it into the video):

Biggest issue in this game is not recognizing how strong you are – you wait a really long time to start forcing your way around the map, and it allows the enemy team to get a foothold they had no business having. A really poor teamfight decision ends up being the last straw, but there was no reason for the game to ever get that close in the first place.

2:02 – you might think this trade went your way, but he won it because it caused you to miss a last hit. Might seem like a little thing, but those little things add up.

If he hits you with level 1 Q, so what? Your minions will target him and he’s likely to take at least as much damage as he deals. And you’re Doran’s Shield Mundo. Secure the last hit, then back off.

General: Try to keep Garen’s passive from triggering if you can. Hit him with a Q every few seconds.

4:26 – don’t miss opportunities to trade – as soon as he’s followed you into your minion wave, he’s lost this trade. Hit him with your Q and activate W right before he hits you with the silence, then kite. If he keeps following, auto him, but he probably won’t. He’ll start taking a lot of minion damage, and the slow will ensure he takes even more.

4:40 – look for opportunities to force your opponent to make a choice. Here, you can easily read Garen’s mind: he wants that cannon. So what is he gonna do if you walk up to him? He’s either gonna back off and miss the cannon, engage you and miss the cannon, or take the cannon and allow you to get some free damage in. Use your opponent’s last hitting as windows for free trades, as long as you’re not giving up CS of your own to do it.

5:28 – this is a questionable roam. Shaco is near impossible to collapse on unless he’s just going ham, which isn’t the case here. Plus it’s way too far away – unless you’re able to actually secure a kill, you’re going to lose more than you gain by a long shot as Garen shoves you to tower. Since the odds of getting a kill are quite low, this isn’t a smart roam.

6:00 – is landing this Q worth giving up 70 gold? No it is not. Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you should. Who cares if he’s standing there- he’s giving up CS and letting you take it for free. Let him stand there all day if he wants to – doing that is letting you win the lane without having to fight for it.

6:30 – good read on this – there’s no way he wins a trade here, and he’s absolutely handing you a kill. Your initial reaction was still to back off – that tells me you’re still playing a little reactively. Ideally, you would have read this situation in advance – “I have a big minion advantage here, if he trades I’m going all in.” That way you don’t waste even a little bit of time.

You also didn’t need to flash there. He doesn’t have flash or any real way of escaping you, and you could have easily tanked 1 more turrets shot without a problem. I think your AOE would have killed him in another second – if not, your Q would have come back up.

7:20 Spirit Visage is a strong item on Mundo, but it doesn’t do much to help you vs. Garen. His ult does magic damage, and there’s a lot of AP on their team. If you’re going to be Tping into a fight soon, cowl is a good buy. If you just end up laning for a while, getting armor or HP would have been better.

7:50 you needed to push this a little harder. I get that you’re probably wanting Tahm to come in and gank, and so aren’t wanting to shove the lane, but you end up letting it hit your turret. Trim the enemy wave down til it’s just a 2-3 number advantage. Kill the cannon especially, cuz you don’t want to trade into a cannon if you can help it.

That’s how you freeze a lane, incidentally – the preseason minion changes have made it a little bit trickier to completley control, but the old tricks still mostly work – try to keep the enemy wave about 2-3 minions stronger than yours. You can freeze indefinitely in front of your turret if you do it right, forcing Garen to overextend to farm/break the freeze.

10:00 your CS at this mark is just below what I’d consider barely acceptable for this matchup. You’re crushing Garen, and that’s good, but you could pretty easily be at 80 CS here, if not higher. The biggest issue has been letting him shove you to turret – don’t let him kill your minions that much faster than you’re killing his.

your last hitting mechanics are ok, but your farming technique is kind of shortsighted. You let the wave hit your turret more than necessary, causing you to miss CS, and you aren’t very good at pacing – that is, when two or more minions are getting low at the same time, you usually only get one of them. You can avoid this by noticing minions that are taking similar damage sooner and hitting one of them, or by using your abilities to take one while you auto the other. View the wave as something you can manipulate, not just as a whack-a-mole game where you’re just passively waiting for last hits.

About this time, too, is when you should start looking to leave lane. Your wave clear is quite strong, and Garen is way too behind to match you if you roam. Start looking to impact the map outside your lane. If you don’t see anything immediate, that doesn’t give you a pass for sitting in lane and waiting – get into their jungle and throw down some vision. Walk to mid in anticipation of Syndra pushing up. Go kill scuttle crab. Even if you just walk into the fog of war so they have to wonder where you are is better than staying in lane.

11:44 – at this point you don’t have to give Garen any ground at all. He can try to go aggressive on you if he wants – you’ll win. Even in his minion wave. Don’t let him have any ground here. If you’re worried about a gank, just glance at the minimap and see that Shaco is bot and Syndra is mid.

11:53: Like what does he think is going to happen here, and why are you letting it happen. MURDER HIM. You do eventually, but it takes you a while to see it. It ends up being closer than it should have been – pop your ult a little sooner. Also, the cowl isn’t doing any work for you here. Based on the way the lane has ended up going, building a Sunfire Cape first would have been a lot stronger.

Sunfire is honestly going to be the stronger starting item most of the time, unless you’re upagainst a heavy AP lane and need the MR.

12:32 – Look bot. Jinx is a pretty free kill. TP to tribrush. You don’t know Shaco is also there, but it won’t matter. Garen just used his TP to get back to lane, so he can’t follow you.

12:45 – definitely tp in now. You can win this big for your team and probably secure the turret or dragon too. Instead, they manage to win a fight they had no business winning.

14:00 – at this point, being in lane is starting to have seriously diminishing returns. You have a 1300 gold lead on Garen. You have your first full item complete and he’s still sitting on components. Returning to lane means you get some more CS and can keep stomping on Garen, sure…but Garen is pretty much already out of the game for a while. Curbstomping a dead guy doesn’t make him any more dead, and there are 4 other enemies that need stomping a lot more than him.

You’re by FAR the strongest member of your team right now – Cait is also doing well, but it’ll be a while before that starts to really show. You’ve developed a powerful lead that no member of the enemy team can really do anything about, but you’re not doing anything with it. Go make something happen. Shove top to turret so Garen can’t leave, then go mid and shove that lane too. Then go bot and shove that lane, too. Use your TP to join a fight or to get back to top if need be. But right now, you could leave Garen alone in top lane for a solid 2-3 minutes and he’d still be miles behind you.

At the very least you can be forcing your way down top lane a lot further. That’s the riskier choice right now since your team doesn’ thave much pressure elsewhere, but if you can draw Shaco up to you constantly, that’s exactly what you want. He doesn’t pose a real threat to you, and it allows mid and bot to do their thing without worrying about him.

17:40 it’s not the right choice to dirty farm here. Dirty farming is a technique you can use to extend laning and farming phase longer than it would last if you were to just kill the turret when you hit it, and it also is effective at denying CS to your opponent. But again, Garen has already lost this badly – you don’t need to dirty farm for his sake. And you don’t want to extend lane phase – you’re the only one who has a decisive advantage right now – your team needs the gold from the turret, and they need you to start throwing your weight around somewhere other than top.

18:00 you sould be walking down to dragon here. It’s easy to see that’s what’s happening, but you move up toward top, which forces you to use tp (and you tp pretty late). And the way the fight goes, walking in would have put you in a much better position to affect the fight. Your team messes this up a lot, but with more foresight you could have swung it.

When Yas dies though, continuing to be aggressive is a mistake. You could probably honestly win this straight up, but you hit their turret and can’t take the fight to them anymore – you should have either kited them back to your turret, or headed back to dragon.

That’s a general principle by the way – always try to force the enemy to come to you and fight on your turf if possible, instead of chasing them and going into theirs. You don’t NEED to chase these guys into mid lane – all you have to do is turn around and go toward dragon, and they WILL follow you (or you’ll get free drag). Then they’ll be away from their turret, won’t have as much vision control, and you can probably beat them.

24:00 – you should have kept pushing here. They weren’t in any real position to keep shoving, and they best way to make them stop in any case would be to threaten their inner turret. Worst case you trade turrets evenly. But you’re big enough right now that they need to send 2 people minimum to stop you – if you can keep pressure top, that’ll force them to make a choice – send 2-3 people to stop you from taking turrets, or try to force a 4v5. As long as you have TP up, it’s a win win for you.

28:20 – there’s pretty much zero need for you to wait here – you guys are grouped, and they can’t stop you from wading in. You do eventually, but you give them time to land some poke and for Shaco to establish a good flank.

28:50 – at this point in the game, Jinx needs to be your priority over Syndra. They’re about equally fed, but Jinx is going to have a much better impact on fights once they get going. Syndra will have a bigger INITIAL impact – but once she blows her CDs, she’s pretty much out of the fight for a bit. Focus Jinx down and this fight goes a lot cleaner for you.

31:32 – big mistake here. She’s low, her stuff is on CD, who cares about her. Focus on the ones murdering your team. She’s not a huge component of her team’s ability to win fights – you’re pretty much your team’s only hope to win fights. So if you, a high value member, allow her, a low value member, to lead you out of the fight, you’re giving them a big advantage for free.

33:45 – WHY DID YOU BACK AWAY?????? Oh boy. This one’s on you, mate. You are your team’s front line. You were in great position, but then you backed off and Yas/Braum end up taking the full brunt of their damage. They get deleted, and then they can focus the rest of you guys down at their leisure.

Yours was far from the only mistake this fight, but there’s no universe in which they should have won that teamfight.

That baron fight allows them to get enough of a lead to make it pretty difficult for you to carry anymore. They group up and force pressure, and then get a couple catches. I’m not sure the surrender was smart – I don’t think their victory was totally sealed. But things were definitely in a bad way at that point.

Overall, your mechanics are fairly solid for this level – which is not to say there isn’t a lot of room for improvement, but they’re not your biggest weakness. You mentioned that you’re learning to play more aggressively – that’s not really what I want you to focus on. I want you to focus on playing more intelligently. Your problem this game was not recognizing how strong you were – you played very reactively. Garen would come at you, and you’d back off until you hit a Q and saw how much damage it did. You need to have a better idea of your power level vs your lane opponent (and the enemy team in general) so you can leverage yourself appropriately. If you realize that Garen has zero chance of winning a fight, it changes the way you approach it – you can even start setting up the lane in anticipation of it. You know that he can’t beat you, and so you know that if he attacks you, it’s a mistake you can punish. You know that if he walks out into the open in range of your Q, it’s a mistake you can punish. You know that if he uses his Q to farm, it’s a mistake you can punish. And so you become the predator in the lane, waiting for him to make those mistakes so you can pounce.

The same principle applies to the game at large. For the bulk of the midgame, you could very nearly 1v5, but you were hesitant to use that strength because you probably didn’t know you had it. Instead of waiting for them to make a dragon play and then reacting to it, go to dragon and DARE them to try and stop you. And who cares if Garen gets some free farm, the dude is 1,500 gold behind. Shove your lane, then go to mid – Syndra is doing pretty well vs. Yas, and if she’s left alone she’ll grow into a threat, but she can’t do anything if you just show up and take her turret. Etc etc. You were bringing the only gun to a swordfight, but for the most part you kept it holstered until it was too late.

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