Quinn v. Hecarim Top, Gold 3

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IGN: Boss Mango

General Notes

Your team kinda troll surrenders this game really early. Not sure why. So unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot of post-lane phase to look at or talk about. There’s some good stuff in lane to work on, though.

Basically, you do a good job of pressure Hec early and getting a nice advantage in lane, but you fail to adjust your strategy as the game progresses and end up handing the advantage back to him.

I talk a bit about protecting your lead and not overplaying your hand in the video – it’s a mindset shift that a lot of people struggle with. There’s so much pressure to “Carry” that people start to feel like they have to be getting kills as often as possible, instead of trying to play in whatever way is optimal in a given situation. In this game, the optimal play early on was aggression, and you do that well. But around level 6, that stops being the optimal playstyle – at that point, roaming, farming, and denying kills is your best bet. You fail to realize this, however, and end up losing a lot of your hard won lead.

See the video for specific examples and tips.

Thanks for the opportunity to take a look at the game, I hope this is helpful! Best of luck.

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