Lucian ADC, Silver 5

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IGN: Blastona

General Notes

This game is a little tricky to analyze – there’s some good stuff to think about and work on in the lane phase, and some positioning mistakes in teamfights later on, but honestly your own performance was just average here. Your team makes some interesting decisions, and your own play isn’t strong enough to carry them.

That’ll happen sometimes, but you can do a few things to try and keep your team on the right track.

  1. Wards. Wards wards wards. Spam them. Make sure that you are doing everything you can to keep the map lit up, and do what you can to give your team clear requests for vision. Don’t just say “Why do we have no vision?” or “Let’s get vision up.” Say “Let’s get vision up around dragon” or “Get wards up on our flanks so we can push.”
  2. Communicating with your team BEFORE bad fights happen. It’s much better to try and avoid bad fights if you can – talk to your team about the kinds of fights you want to look for, and who your priority targets are. “We need to deal with Jax, he’s massive.” “We need Naut to stay back and peel for me, Jax is diving me every time.” “We need to bait them into a 5v5, don’t let them bait us into a trap.” That kind of thing.
  3. Ensure that you are not contributing to the problem. The first rule applies – do not die. You need to do everything you can to survive. Itemize appropriately – get a QSS or GA if you’re getting targeted. Position correctly – put yourself in a place that is hard to get to (the enemy has to dive through your team, or leave the fight for an extended period, or dive a turret) and that you can do maximum damage. If you are consistently dying at the beginning of fights, that’s a playstyle issue that you need to fix.

If you’re getting consistently targeted by dive happy champs like Jax and Udyr, you can adjust your playstyle a bit to compensate. Hang back in fights, or when entering an area likely to contain a fight (i.e., when your team is checking Baron.) Let the first wave of abilities go by and let those champs pick other targets, then jump in and join the fight. If that does work and Jax dives you anyway, do everything you can to survive. Sometimes that just means running – the longer he chases you, the longer he’s not in the teamfight. Other times that means leading him into your team – not letting him isolate you from the group. Occasionally it might mean dueling, but that’s very champion dependent. But the basic theory is, make yourself too difficult a target to bother focusing.

Thanks for the chance to look at this game, I hope it was helpful. Best of luck!

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