Lee Sin v. Tryndamere Top, Silver 4

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IGN: Flamehfur

General Notes

You destroy Tryndamere in lane. There’s definitely things you can continue to improve on here, but overall you play the early lane phase very well. Lee has a pretty crazy strong early game, and you take full advantage. Well done.

Once mid game starts to hit, though, things go off the rails.

Three major issues:

-You don’t seem to recognize that Tryndamere will inevitably become a monster late game. No matter how poorly Tryn does in lane, given enough time he will be unstoppable. He’s similar to Nasus in that way. You have a large window in the early game and the first part of mid game where he’s far enough behind that he can’t do much, but instead of using that opportunity to go do other things, you stay top and keep beating the dead horse. By the time you do start moving around and helping your team, Tryn is big enough that he can’t be safely ignored, and you can’t fight him anymore.

-You don’t take the lead you’ve built up in top lane and use it to impact the map. At one point you have a five kill lead, and you mostly choose to sit top lane with it. You do roam some, and make a couple of really good plays, but you don’t use them to pressure and take map advantages nearly as often as you could have.

-You build glass cannon. Lee Sin has a massive early game. The other side of that coin is that he falls off very hard late game. If you build him like a melee ADC (Tryn, Yi, Fiora) you’ll hit just as hard as those champs do, but you’ll also have all of their weaknesses (i.e. they get blown up super easy). The difference is that other melee ADCs have tools to deal with that problem. Tryn and Fiora have their ults, and Yi has Alpha Strike. You can kick someone as Lee, but that doesn’t usually help you much when you’re trying to dive into 3, 4, or 5 targets late game.

I talk at length about all three of those issues in the video, with examples and some thoughts on how you could have made different decisions. I hope it’s helpful!

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