Kennen v. Darius Top, Bronze 4

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IGN: xXEric RushXx

General Notes:

You do a number of things really well this game – your map awareness is actually much better than I usually see in low bronze. Several times you noticed something in another part of the map that you could take advantage of – a gank, a tower, etc – and capitalized.

I talk a little bit about some decision making problems in the late game, but I focused mostly on early lane phase. In my experience, focusing on lane phase is usually enough to get out of Bronze – there’s enough room for improvement just in that part of the game alone to get you to the next level.

In this game, you give Darius incredible amounts of breathing room to do whatever he wants in lane. Several times you allow him to close to hook range, or even wander into range on your own. And you almost never harassed him at all – you should be looking to melt his health bar almost every time he’s in auto attack range. Darius should be have to give up half his health bar just for the privilege of walking up to you.

In the video I use the analogy of a supermarket where you’re selling CS – in this game, you charge Darius almost nothing for the CS he’s taking. You’ve slashed prices and are practically give them away. You gotta shift your mindset – you want to charge Darius through the NOSE for that CS – make him wonder if it’s even worth farming at all.

Big takeaways: Focus on increasing your pressure in lane, using your range advantage to maximum potential. Second, pay more attention to your positioning in lane – avoid wandering into Darius’ threat range needlessly.

Thanks for the chance to take a look at the game, I hope this is helpful. Best of luck!

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