Garen v. Yorick Top, Bronze 2

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IGN: BigBirdBoi

General Notes

Starting Doran’s Shield is perhaps not optimal in this matchup – consider Cloth Armor and 5 Pots. I explain more on why in the video.

In lane phase, you’re prioritizing harass over CS, which is never a good idea. Farming is your first priority. Unless you can get a kill or force your opponent out of lane because they’re so low, giving up on last hits to get in a bit of damage on your opponent isn’t worth it.

As you go through lane phase, you keep trying to make your harass pattern work even though Yorick consistently out trades you. That tells me you’re not really trying to adjust your strategy or think through how the matchup plays out. The high aggression style will work for Garen in a lot of matchups, but not all of them. If you find yourself in a match up where the aggression isn’t working out, you need to immediately change your strategy. Stop harassing and just be the immovable farming machine – instead of killing Yorick, your win condition is now to out CS him by as much as possible.

And this state of affairs only lasts until level 6. When you’re able to get your first item or so and get your ult, you can destroy Yorick. So you’re not resigning yourself to a passive game – you’re recognizing when an opponent is stronger than you, and not trying to beat him at his own game. You’re patient, you’re analytical, and you’re going to wait until the tables have turned before smashing his skill in.

That decision making issue aside, by far the biggest thing holding you back from hitting silver is your CS and your warding, if this game is any indication. If you can improve your warding habits and your CS mechanics to be consistently strong, that alone will likely get you into Silver. You’ll need to work on the decision making stuff eventually, and there’s no reason not to start now on it, but that’s not what’s keeping you in Bronze. It’s the basic fundementals of vision control and farming. Get those numbers up, and you’ll see yourself start to climb consistently.

Thanks for the opportunity to take a look at this game, I hope this is helpful. Best of luck!

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