Ahri v. Vel’Koz Mid, Bronze 5

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IGN: Sandrule8

General Notes

This game is IMMENSELY improved from the last one you sent me. Still lots of good stuff to work on, but overall a much higher level of performance.

There’s a number of things in lane phase that you can optimize in a matchup like this. See the video for specifics, but overall look to position more aggressively in this matchup so you’re in position to take advantage of your 1v1 strengths.

Your farming is alright this game – again, lots of room for improvement, but it’s much better than the Azir game I looked at last week.

Biggest issue this game is warding. You’ve shown that you’re thinking about warding more consistently, especially early on, but you can do much more. I point out a couple of specific early fights that would have gone entirely another way with proper warding, which would very likely have led to the game ending far sooner. I talk at length about this in the video, so I won’t rehash it here.

Thanks for the chance to work with you again! Best of luck.

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